In the Voronezh region during the day, died five patients with coronavirus

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection per day in the Voronezh region the second day in a row was less than 150, while five patients died, reports the regional government.

On the evening of 5 July in the Voronezh region COVID-19 was found at 8359 patients. Recovered 6268 people died in 54.

"On Monday, July 6, officially confirmed infected 146 people in the region", - stated in the message.

A day earlier, for the first time in the region since June, the number of new cases of coronavirus infection identified per day, was less than 150.

"People with a confirmed diagnosis: 8505. Recovered: 6302. Died: 59", informs the regional government.

The number of cases of the Voronezh region takes the third place in the CFA. In the field since the beginning of June there was a daily increase in the number of cases COVID-19. 1 through June 7 in the region of six times the daily number of recorded cases of coronavirus exceeded 100. From 8 to 17 June in the Voronezh region daily recorded more than 200 cases COVID-19. From 22 June the rate of increase began to decrease.

The population of the Voronezh region, according for 2020 is 2.3 million people.

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