Media: in Indonesia presented a necklace of eucalyptus against COVID-19

The Ministry of agriculture of Indonesia presented the public with a necklace of eucalyptus leaves, supposedly kills the virus that causes coronavirus infection COVID-19, reports on Monday, the Internet version of the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"One of the 700 species of eucalyptus, the results of our laboratory tests, kills the coronavirus. We're sure of that," said the Minister, adding that the same species of eucalyptus is able to quickly heal the cuts.

He also said that wearing necklaces of leaves of this species of eucalyptus has delivered him from the danger of infection coronavirus infection for events which involve a large number of people, and that same necklace has already been tested on volunteers from among patients with coronavirus infection, which has relieved the symptoms of the disease, the newspaper said.

Indonesian doctors and microbiologists were skeptical about the invention of the Ministry of agriculture, the report said.

"We know that the world has not created the cure for the disease. I think we should have the wisdom to refrain from making such statements in a society in a state of panic," - said the newspaper of Herawati of Sudoyo, Deputy Director Indonesian national Institute of Microbiology.

She stressed that, although medical science and is known to many drugs based on medicinal plants, but the conclusions about the properties and the efficacy of this type of medication are always made after extensive lab and clinical studies, usually in their production is used extract some parts of the plant, not the plant itself.

Another expert, lecturer, faculty of biology Bogor agricultural University berry Julianti, told the Jakarta Post that such statements from the lips of the Minister of agriculture can affect the behavior of the population, giving people a false sense of security.

"The audience can easily believe that this necklace is from the leaves of eucalyptus, the validity of which is not scientifically proven, save us from the coronavirus," said he.

World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest who data, in the world, discovered more than 11 million cases of infection, over 528 thousand people died.

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