The commander of the Ukrainian Navy tied the rejection of the cruiser "Ukraine" Russia

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp said in an interview with the newspaper "Duma" that the refusal of Kiev from the completion of the cruiser "Ukraine" is associated with the absence of Russian aircraft carrier compounds in the USA.

"On the cruiser "Ukraine" decided that it will not be part of the naval forces is the ocean the ship of the old Soviet project. All weapon systems which it stood, — all of them of Russian production. The cruiser is a big target, and no more," - said Neiipp.

He pointed out that the output of such a ship in the sea, you need the appropriate software. In addition, according to rear-Admiral, the cruiser was conceived as the "aircraft carrier killer", and his task was the destruction of the carrier strike groups of the United States.

"We have such problems there, so to use it we can not. We need to destroy the Russian ships, and they have such carriers yet... So the "aircraft carrier killer" Ukraine does not need," - said the commander in chief.

The construction of the fourth cruiser of the project 1164 "Atlas" under the name "Admiral of Soviet Union fleet Lobov" began in 1984. Six years later, the ship launched in as a 75% readiness, and in 1993 it became the property of Ukraine and received its present name.

In 1996 the completion of the cruiser was suspended for lack of funding. Subsequent attempts to finish it nor to no avail, and at the end of 2017 the Ukrainian defense Ministry said that the Navy does not need such a ship.

In Russia, in service, there are aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov", which is currently undergoing renovation.