Telegram will not disclose the user data from Hong Kong

Telegram will be rejected by the courts of the special administrative region of China Hong Kong on the provision of user data due to the actions of the national security act, the news portal of Hong Kong's Free Press, citing a representative of the company.

The publication notes that the statement of the Telegram was made against the background that due to the introduction of the law on national security of Hong Kong residents began to abandon the use of some instant messengers and social networks.

However, he pointed out that the Telegram will cooperate with the authorities on issues related to terrorism.

“If Telegram will receive the decision of the court, where it is confirmed that you are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities, we may disclose your IP address, and telephone number of the competent authorities,” added Ravdonikas.

He added that the previous Telegram had not handed over any user data to the authorities of Hong Kong.