Kiev, the expert called Zelensky "a farmer-scammers"

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is "scammers" and "a typical representative of the provincial elite." This opinion in an article for the publication "Glavred" stated Kiev political analyst Andrey Golovachev.

"Let's look at a recent case. Zelensky signed the Memorandum with the IMF, where his signature guarantees the independence of the work of the NBU (national Bank of Ukraine. – ed ed.). For the IMF this was a fundamental point, which he did not agree to resume lending to Ukraine. And in two weeks Zelensky calls the Chairman of the NBU (Jacob. – approx. ed.) Smoliy and invites him to get out of NBU", - wrote the expert.

According to Golovacheva, Zelenski said false normal behavior, bringing their "peasant habits" in the field of international politics, like all his predecessors.

The expert also said that the problem of the country lies in the culture of society. "While it will not be replaced until the change of the peasant culture will not come bourgeois morality, no European reform is impossible in principle. Is only an imitation of reform than we are already doing for the last 15 years. And what is now engaged Zelensky", - he thought.

The Golovachev indicated that attempts by Western countries the power to implement their own institutions of power in the "patrimonial" Ukraine is doomed to failure.

"However, it seems that the West is already realized and quite prepared to throw Ukraine off balance, but doesn't know how to do it in order not to lose face", - concluded the expert.

Smoliy, who served as head of the national Bank from March 2018 Wednesday wrote a letter of resignation, explaining that "systematic political pressure" on the Bank, and filed with the President. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the proposal Zelensky on Friday fired Smoliy as head of the national Bank of the country.