US Department of energy accused the "environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project

US Department of energy blames "the environmental lobby" in the collapse of gas pipeline project Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), said the energy Minister Dan Browett.

Sunday Dominion Energy with partner Duke Energy abandoned the project of a major pipeline of ASR due to uncertainty with prices and regulation. At the request of the power companies, the gas pipeline worth more than $ 8 billion is not justified, given the numerous delays and lawsuits by environmentalists, land owners and local residents. The partners abandoned the project, despite the big win in the Supreme court, which in June allowed the construction of ACP under the Appalachian trail Hiking route through the mountains of the Atlantic coast, which stretches for 3.5 thousand miles from Georgia to Maine.

"Well-funded environmental lobby obstructionists succeeded to kill Atlantic Coast Pipeline. (The pipeline) could reduce the cost of energy for consumers in North Carolina and Virginia, giving them affordable, abundant and reliable natural gas supplies from the Appalachian region," said Browett.

According to him, the project would create thousands of jobs. The Minister also complained that the organizers of the project Dominion Energy and Duke Energy found the project to be economically feasible because of the constant lawsuits that they faced when planning the pipeline.