In the suburbs, opened kindergartens and institutions dopobrazovaniya

Kindergartens and supplementary education earned in Moscow in normal mode from Monday, follows from the decision of the Governor of the region Andrey Vorobyov, published on the website of the regional government.

Earlier, the Minister of education of the Moscow region Irina Kalugina said that from July 6, in the region will open its doors by more than 2 thousand kindergartens. To give the child in preschool educational institution, you must obtain a medical certificate.

"From 6 July in kindergartens of Moscow region abolished the regime of "duty group." To give a child in kindergarten, you need a medical certificate. Kindergarten will be invited to a health worker who examines the child, and issue a certificate. To go to the clinic don't need," said Kalugina.

According to her, opened kindergartens will work in accordance with the standard: before you begin, teachers will be tested on COVID-19, before visiting the children and teachers will measure the temperature of the room will be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

She noted that the same rules will apply, and for additional education. In addition, there will exclude the joint presence of children from different groups on the sports and playgrounds, in corridors, lobbies and other facilities.

Also the resolution of the head of the Moscow region established the new order of fitness centers and sports organizations - from 6 July they will conduct activities subject load of not more than 50% of the bandwidth. Previously this figure was 25%.

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