Forecasters warned of 40-degree heat in the South of Russia

To the South of the European part of Russia came "heat wave", the temperature exceeds the norm by eight degrees, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center Roman Vilfand.

Previously, the meteorologist warned of a five-day "heat wave" in the South of the country.

The weather forecaster said that temperatures in the South will be eight degrees above normal. "In the summer the temperature is very little volatile, so in excess of eight degrees - it's just huge value", - he stressed.

Scientific head of the meteorologist added that in some southern regions the temperature will exceed a forty-degree mark.

Vilfand said that the hot weather will continue in the South and center of European Russia, 8-9 July.

"In the South of the European part of Russia still hot weather. It will last up to 8 numbers. The center is also very hot. July 9, change is coming, but there is a very complicated process, so the developments could be refined later," - said Vilfand.