The Church of Greece: the Turks will not dare to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque

The Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Jerome believes that the Turks will not dare to turn the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul into a mosque.

"Look, they play all the games that got their hands. And it's also a game. I believe that they wouldn't dare," said Jerome, answering the question of the Greek Mesogeios TV channel, will the Turkey on the transformation of the Cathedral into a mosque.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that waiting for the decision of the state Council on the possibility of changing the status of Hagia Sophia and its transformation from a Museum to a mosque, and act according to it.

The Supreme administrative court of Turkey, the state Council July 2 was considered to change the status of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The state Council believes that to change the status of the Cathedral is the presidential decree. It is expected that the Council's decision will be published within 15 days.

The official representative of the government of Greece Stelios Petsas on July 2 briefing, after the court decision, said that this topic is not Greek-Turkish relations is a global issue, the Hagia Sophia – a monument of world cultural heritage, and many countries have recently urged Turkey not to make a move that will create a huge mental gap between Christians all over the world and Turkey.

Aya Sofia was founded by the Christian Emperor Justinian, and was opened on 27 December 537. Cathedral over a thousand years was the largest Church in the Christian world. After the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans and the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453, the Cathedral was converted into a mosque but since 1934 the building by decree of the founder of the modern Turkish state Kemal Ataturk became a Museum and was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.