In the Voronezh region, died a doctor who treated patients with COVID-19

The doctor who treated patients with coronavirus infection and diseased COVID-19, died in the Voronezh region, said on Sunday the government of the region.

Information about the death of the head of the cardiology Department at the Pavlovsk district hospital Elena Minakova to medical facilities in the social network on Saturday evening. According to the clinic, Minakova died Friday, July 3, on 58-m to year of life.

"I Express my deepest condolences to the family, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances and all patients that Elena Minakova, which passed through her kind hands for 35 years, in connection with her death. The best therapist of Russia, the doctor who owned several disciplines, and caring person, she was actively involved in the fight against coronavirus. Many people thank her for helping them conquer this insidious disease. But, unfortunately, a private battle with her, Elena couldn't win. Colleagues also did everything I could" - leads the regional government condolences to the Governor of the region Alexander Gusev.

Minakov was the first dead paramedic in the region of those who treated patients with the coronavirus. Earlier in the region died the nurse with confirmed COVID-19, but according to the regional authorities, the woman didn't get it at work.

Only in the Voronezh region COVID-8359 detected in 19 patients. Recovered 6268 people died in 54.

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