Americans warned about the dire consequences of the rejection of the RD-180

A military expert from the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev said, which can lead to the refusal of the US the Russian rocket engines RD-180.

In an interview with the newspaper "Evening Moscow", the expert called the move of the Americans is purely political, while noting its inevitability.

He praised the potential of creating an American analogue of the Russian power plants, however, drew attention to the issue of the security of a new unit.

"For political reasons on this really important detail can close my eyes, but it is the resource determines the lifetime, the probability of an engine failure," — said Yevseyev.

The expert recalled that the United States turned the program of manned flights for this reason.

"And run from an unreliable engine can lead to the death of the crew, despite rescue system", — he stressed.

Yevseyev is sure that, despite all the statements from the Americans, it is impossible to speak about full independence of American rocketry from Russia.

He urged Russia to work on the quality of its triggers to reduce accidents. This, according to him, will attract orders not only from USA but also other States.

"So you need to think about your strategy and not to pay attention to provocations. If the Americans have conceived such a plan, we have no way to influence their decision", said Yevseyev.

He added that the US refusal of the Russian engines will not affect the Russian economy, as the contract with Americans is the only source of additional funding for domestic rocket.

Recently the American company United Launch Alliance received from the first Blue Origin rocket engine BE-4, designed to replace the Russian RD-180, which is equipped with rockets family Atlas. To replace them creating media Vulcan. It is assumed that the power plant VE-4 will work on the first stage of the new missile.

According to analysts, the Atlas is used for "mission-critical space launches carried out in the national security interests of the United States."

The magazine the National Interest wrote that the law obliges the U.S. air force to abandon the use of the RD-180, however, under forecasts of experts, this will not happen until at least 2024.

Congress also recognized that to replace the Russian engines the us in the coming years is impossible.

The first RD-180 set in the US in 1999. According to the manufacturer NPO "Energomash", for the ocean sent 116 engines.