Trump announced last battle for America. Why it won't work

In "America's birthday", July 4, Donald trump had to say some kind of "throne speech" and to congratulate the Americans with their main holiday, but stood in front of him choose to try to take the path of national reconciliation and preservation of some (illusory) political propriety, or to choose the path of maximum political confrontation, which could end the present civil war. The choice that stood before the President of the United States, can be formulated in terms of the recent history of one of the neighboring with Russia, "nedogosudarstva". Trump had to give a public answer to the question: "to Be Yanukovych or not to be?" — the only amendment that the U.S. President has no real estate in Rostov, and to change gilded, pretentious interiors of the Trump Tower in new York city to something else it will hardly be desirable.

The US President has chosen the most aggressive option — and for the past two days the American media vote on that his performance was "dark and separating". So there is — and how it was conceived. By and large, trump told Americans the bitter truth about the divided country that America is in the form in which it is like his constituents could be destroyed and that a new generation of Americans genuinely hated their own country, and it happened because of the American managerial elite that was achieved.

If to replace in his speech a few geographical names and political terms, he outlined the situation perfectly fits to the description of the late USSR. The Parallels are hard to deny: politically active young people hate the country and the values on which this country was founded, most of the political and managerial elite of the country is falling apart, the mutual hatred of citizens of all political persuasions (and nationalities) reaches a boiling point — willingness to physical violence. Moreover, all these symptoms are not a result of any short-term problems or multiple years of mistakes. All the way around. Current symptoms as in the late Soviet Union, is the result of long-standing systemic problems that have moved from chronic to acute phase.

Advanced press — not even the fact that the United States and the entire English — speaking world- offended on this statement of trump:

"The brutal lawlessness that we saw on the streets of cities controlled by liberal Democrats, is a predictable result of years of extreme indoctrination and bias in education, journalism and other cultural institutions. Contrary to all laws of society and nature, our children are taught in school to hate their country and believe that men and women who built it, were not the heroes and villains. A radical take on American history (that) is a web of lies — the whole context is removed, every virtue is hidden, each motif is distorted, distorted every fact, and every flaw is amplified as long as the story is not trimmed, and the historical record is not distorted beyond recognition."

The US President is not exaggerating. The so-called liberal (and in fact — the globalist) part of the American elite really has implemented a very successful plan of undermining the electoral base of their conservative opponents. The younger generation of Americans do for the most part, hates their own country, its history, its monuments and lives with a lasting and devastating sense of guilt (because they are white), for their country, for their parents and especially peers who don't want to pay and repent, but not to the real victims of American imperialism from Iraq, Libya, Venezuela and Russia of the 90s, and before the local racial and sexual minorities. A whole generation was brought up with the idea that the only way to somehow assuage their "white guilt" is to vote for the Democratic party and live in strict accordance with the "party line", which made front page of The New York Times or leading influencer from social networks, and Hollywood.

To understand the extent of the problem can help the following symbolic but significant detail.

Trump gave a speech on the background of mount Rushmore. In her granite slope carved the bas-relief with the image of four US presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. It's not just relief, but a historic symbol of a kind of "heart of America" and some of the granite itself, with its historical memory and national pride. In the Russian context — at the level of emotional value to society — Rushmore may be compared with the monumental sculpture "the Motherland calls!" on Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd. The best indicator of how sick and divided is the modern American society, can be considered the fact that "happy birthday America" and in anticipation of his speech trump the most visible infopovod in the American information field of steel calls for the destruction of this symbol of the United States, and joined the process of mainstream media.

"Mount Rushmore was built on land owned by the Lakota, and were sculpted by a man who had strong ties with the ku Klux clan. It depicts the faces of the two U.S. presidents who were slaveholders," — so writes about the symbol of America, the authoritative The New York Times.

For many politicians and media people in the USA, probably, the destruction of the "heart of America" would be the final symptom of the ideological victories of the movement that for the past month, demolishing monuments to USA and Europe. And overthrow the monuments not only slaveholders, but also those who fought with them. It's not a question of denying the bad things in their own past, and the attempt to erase and install all over the Western world, and especially in his "metropolis" — that is, in the USA — globalist ideological monopoly of the political forces, prominent representatives of which are Hillary Clinton, James Mattis, Colin Powell, Condoleezza rice or George Soros. Their choice is made according to the following formula: if, in order to remove trump, you need to destroy the self-esteem of America, burn its history and to turn young Americans into "liberal red guards", it should be done. And they are doing just that.

Donald trump is obliged to be optimistic — and in his speech he promised voters a complete victory over those who are trying to destroy US from within. Most likely, even if he wins the election, this victory will be Pyrrhic. It is very likely that, regardless of the election outcome, the US will be plunged into political chaos on the model of some South American or former Soviet countries, possibly with elements of mass political violence. Maybe from the point of view of the interests of the rest of the world is the best option. Too strong a nationalist America in the form in which it wants to recreate the trump, — a direct threat to all other countries seeking to conduct any independent policy. But the United States returned to the role of a geopolitical gendarme, who is an iron fist of sanctions and enforces carrier battle groups around the world, "liberal democracy the American way", the privileges of minorities and other fake "universal values", is an even more terrible threat. Paradoxically, the longer the US will be busy with internal squabbling and the more destructive this bickering will be, the longer the billions of earthlings will be able to live in relative peace.