Channel Poroshenko told about the fraud in the former companies Zelensky

Eleven Ukrainian companies that were previously owned by Vladimir and Elena Zelensky, engaged in "tax optimization", said a project of investigative journalism "Sposterigach" (the Observer) on "the Fifth channel", owned by the ex-President of Petro Poroshenko.

Journalists paid attention that, according to the service open data YouControl, starting in 2014, all 11 companies decreased the official number of employees. Two firms did not maintain activity after 2009, and five worked with losses. It is noted that some of them have changed ownership after the inauguration Zelensky.

The materials of the project said that the MP from the faction of "European solidarity" Vladimir Aryev sent a request to the State fiscal service and he was allowed to see with information on taxes on profits of these 11 companies.

"You can clearly say that while Ukraine fought Zelensky and companies that belong to his family, engaged in tax optimization. Because the vast majority of companies contain in the column "Paid income tax" for a very eloquent zeros", — Aryev told.