In the state Duma praised the decision by Kanye West to fight for the US presidency

The intention of the American singer Kanye West to participate in the race for the presidency in the elections in USA may indicate plans to create movement, alternative Black Lives Matter that will play into the hands of the current American leader is Donald Trump, said RIA Novosti member of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Elena Panina.

At the moment it is unclear in what year the West is going to run for the presidency, but his message, he was accompanied by the hashtag "Видение2020". Traditionally, the real chances of being elected have only candidates of the two leading parties - Republican and Democratic - this year they are already defined, they were Donald trump and Joe Biden. There are few cases when third party candidates or independents have gained significant number of votes. At the moment, the last person who is turned - businessman Ross Perot, who ran in 1992 and got 19% of the votes.

American entrepreneur and founder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk immediately expressed their support for West.

According to Panina, the terms of registration of candidates in presidents of the United States is already out, and this year the West will not be able to come forward as the third candidate, as did billionaire the Pen.

"However, it is not excluded, that speech can go about trying to create a movement of black Americans, alternative protest Black Lives Matter, or the intercept effect on these network structures. A similar idea, in particular, recently expressed the first black billionaire Robert Johnson, famous for his claim for indemnification blacks as the victims of the slave trade in the amount of 14 trillion dollars," - said the Deputy.

In this case, said Panin, Johnson speaks critically about Biden, accusing him of political exploitation of African Americans, and West has never been seen to be sympathetic to the Democrats in 2016.

According to the politician, most likely, speech can go about how to direct the protests of the African-American population in a constructive way with specific socio-economic needs instead of the current calls for the dissolution of the police and total repentance of the white population.

"In this sense, the move West into the hands of Trump, and support West side serial Tempesta Elon musk seems logical. We see how focused on trump's part of the American establishment tries to stop a "coloured revolution in the U.S." at the conscious part of the protesters, in the words of trump, "a good deal". Whether it will turn out - will show time", - said Panin.