The UAE has created the post of state Minister for the digital economy and the AI

The UAE authorities decided to create a new position of state Minister for the digital economy and artificial intelligence and to undertake other structural reforms in government to boost efficiency, said Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum on Sunday.

"Created the position of state Minister for the digital economy, artificial intelligence and applications for working remotely, it is Umar al-ulama are," - said the Prime Minister on Twitter, noting that "the working environment in medicine, education and trade will change significantly" and the UAE "strive to be at the forefront of these changes."

According to the decisions taken, the country will hold "the merger of 50% of Federal agencies" as well as "the creation of new posts of post of the state Minister and the Executive Directors in specialized sectors," the country needs to "rapid move into the future."

As the Prime Minister created in 2016, the Ministry of happiness and monitor quality of life will be integrated into the Ministry of social development.

The national Council on information and the Federal organization of youth together with the Ministry of culture under the Ministry of culture and youth, to direct which will be at once two Ministers - the Minister of state for youth Affairs and the Minister of culture and youth.

Three are appointed by the Minister of economic Affairs of the country - Abdullah bin touk al-Marri as Minister of economy, Ahmed Belhoul as Minister for the status of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized projects and Thani al-zayday as the state Minister for foreign trade.

The Ministry of energy will be merged with the Ministry of infrastructure that will be headed by Suhail al-mazroui.

Is created also by the Ministry of industry and advanced technology, headed by Sultan al-Jaber.

In addition, the decision "to abolish 50% of the centres and translate them to digital platforms for two years."

"The goal of structural change - a government that will make faster, better decisions to meet the changes, to use existing opportunities and to respond to this new stage in our history, flexible and efficient government," - said the Prime Minister.