Rescuers apart the rubble of the collapsed shopping Mall under Kirov

Rescuers used special equipment for analysis of blockages on a place of explosion of a newly built store in the city of Zuevka the Kirov region, which killed three people, reports of EMERCOM in the region.

According to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Kirov region at 10.56 Sunday in the operational-duty shift the CMC reported that in the city of Zuevka on the street Sverdlova, d. 1A was the collapse of floors in a building under construction shop. As reported by RIA Novosti in the press service of the regional government, three people were killed and one recovered from under the rubble and taken to hospital. Regional SUCK opened a criminal case on violation of safety rules at conducting civil work, in which people died.

"At the scene, emergency workers, used construction equipment, including hydraulic rescue tool "Bear" (used to move the fragments of the destroyed buildings and unlock the victims – ed.)", - stated in the message.

As specified in the government of the Kirov region, to be commissioned in the trade center had to fall 2020, its construction was carried out by a private organization. "The construction site was fenced and the access to outsiders was closed", - said the press service of the regional government.