The police told the details of the murder of a native of Russia near Vienna

Austrian police could not confirm that involved in the shooting incident near Vienna Russian citizens — natives of Chechnya, told RIA Novosti the representative of police of lower Austria Walter Shwarzenegger.

Previously, the press Agency APA reported that asylum seekers from Russia was shot in Austria. According to Austrian newspaper Österreich, shot and killed — natives of Chechnya.

The incident occurred on Saturday around 19.30 local time (18.30 GMT) — then the police received a report of a shooting on the street Brunnerstrasse in Gerasdorf bei Wien (lower Austria) near Vienna.

He has not yet confirmed the reports Austrian media that the gunman, and the suspect came from Chechnya.

"I still can't confirm that. While we are talking about Russian citizens, their identities have yet to be clarified," - said the Agency interlocutor.

In the Russian Embassy in Austria, told journalists that so far has not received any requests in connection with the incident.