In the Tambov region two children per day were identified coronavirus

Two school-age children were among the 43 new patients with the coronavirus in the Tambov region, the total number of identified cases reached 4944, said the regional administration.

A day in the region confirmed 43 new cases COVID-19. "Of these 10 men, 31 women, 2 children (girl and boy 8 years). Age adults from 22 to 92 years. Arrivals from other regions no, 43 contact with sick people", - stated in the message.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the region has risen to 4944, of which 1736 without clinical manifestations.

Recovered 3358 people, including 1579 released from the hospital, 1779 removed from outpatient care at home. 25 people died.

On admission to hospital currently remain 430 people, among them the diagnosis of "pneumonia" at 313 people. Quarantined at home under medical supervision are 2926 people, including confirmed cases COVID-19 - 1131.

The population of the Tambov region, according to the 2020 is just over 1 million people.

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