In India, more than 20 deaths due to lightning strikes

At least 23 people were killed and 29 were injured in the result of lightning strikes in different districts of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, according to channel NDTV, citing the office of the Commissioner for relief.

Chief Minister of the state Yogi adityanath is instructed district judges to pay families of the victims compensation of 400 thousand rupees ($5,36 thousand). He also asked the officials to provide adequate medical assistance to the victims, the statement said.

Earlier Friday from lightning strikes in Uttar Pradesh killed 15 people. More than 20 people died on Saturday from lightning strikes in Bihar, more than 40 injured.

Most of the victims are farmers and workers who performed agricultural work in the fields. It is noted that heavy rains led to the fact that more and more farmers out in the field, to make maximum use of the monsoon to increase rice production, not all of whom appreciate the danger of lightning.

According to the National Department on disaster management in India from mid may at least 253 people were killed from lightning strikes and 49 were injured, with 90% of the deaths noted in the States of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

Annually from lightning strikes in India die from 2 to 3 thousand people. However, this year the region had a large number of storm clouds and extremely heavy rains, unusual for June. According to meteorologists, in the state of Bihar precipitation by 66% exceeded the norm for June in the state of Uttar Pradesh by 72%.