A number of Russian banks have registered a growth in the average check at currency exchange

The appetite of Russians to foreign exchange increases as the easing of quarantine measures, showed a survey of credit institutions conducted by RIA Novosti: a number of large banks noted a significant increase in an average bill for such operations due to cancellation of the regime of self-isolation. Still grow he can with the opening of borders and starting of international flights, however, banks warn that there are big surprises should not wait.

Sberbank, however, significant fluctuations in the average check is not fixed. "In June this year, the average amount of a single exchange transaction corresponds to the average amount of similar operations in the period of self-isolation and exceeds a similar indicator of last year by 60%", - reported in the largest Russian Bank.

However, the number of operations on the exchange currency is now lower than last year. "With the resumption of active tourism (international air transportation) we first expected increase in the number of operations. The average check will likely be returning to the usual average", according to the credit institution.

But the projects the average check has grown. The highest average check of the cash conversion among the customers of VTB Bank in Moscow - almost 4 thousand dollars. In second place Krasnodar with almost $ 2.3 million and St. Petersburg - 2.2 thousand. "The average transaction amount for the purchase of currency, dollars and euros, in may-June 2020 rose to 2.1 thousand dollars. In April 2020 it amounted to 1.8 thousand, in April-June 2019 - almost 1.3 thousand," calculated in VTB.

The average sum of purchases of non-cash currency dollars and euros, the Bank also increased in may-June 5.2 thousand to 5 thousand in April and 4.5 thousand in April-June last year. "As the recovery of air traffic, we expect the growth in turnover of foreign exchange transactions", - predicts the Bank.

According to the Bank "Russian Standard" in June relative to may, the average transaction amount in dollars are up 12% (96 of 280 rubles). Compared with June last year, the average bill has increased by more than 80%, and in may 2020 – 65% compared to the previous year (up to 85 656 rubles). The average check a currency exchange for euros in June compared to may of the current year is 11% higher (85 828 rubles). Relative to June 2019 it has grown more than 80%, and in may 2020 – 85% compared to may 2019 (up to 77 287 rubles).

However, significant growth of the average check with the ability to travel abroad the Bank does not expect. "Several years ago, the demand for currency exchange has been very noticeable, for example, on the eve of travelling to other countries, today, in the era of widespread non-cash payment development and improvement of card technologies, in a cash foreign currency abroad is not such a high need. Therefore, we can hardly expect a sharp rise in foreign exchange transactions at the end of the summer," - said the Bank.

In comparison with the last year Bank "the House.Russia" captures the increase in the average amount of one operation in half. In the case of the opening of the international air services the Bank offers additional increase in demand for the currency. In addition, the demand for currency typically increases at the end of the year, in connection with the planning of travel and the desire to invest part of the resulting annual premiums in the currency, said the Director of retail products of the Bank Evgeny Shitikov.

The average amount per transaction in USD from customers of the agricultural Bank - 2750, Euro - 1800. Changes in the average amount of one operation compared to the same period last year, as in the period of self-isolation, are minor in nature, the Bank reported.

Foreign exchange transactions of clients-physical persons of the Moscow credit Bank passed in a regular mode, without increased demand compared to the same period last year, said the Director of the investment Department Sergey Kapustin. The average purchase amount at the time of a single exchange transaction also remained at the same level and did not exceed $ 500.

The average amount of exchange in Gazprombank is around 2 thousand US dollars. However, she almost does not change depending on the season. The Bank explained that there are months of high demand, when the increase in the number of operations – traditionally it's April, August and December in General, the demand for currency depends on volatility of the market and customer expectations.

In Bank "Zenith" the average amount of a single exchange transaction for the purchase of foreign currency in dollars - 1095, in the Euro - 836, and the sale in dollars - 2053, in Euro – 1703. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bank Dmitry Yurin believes that with the opening of the international air transportation sales of currency will grow, but only slightly.

The largest Bank of the Crimea, RNCB, the average check with the softening of quarantine measures, on the contrary, decreased: the average amount of foreign exchange transactions in March-April 2020 was $ 691 439 dollar and the Euro, and in may-June, 2020 - $ 516 and 419 euros respectively. In comparison with the same period of 2019, he grew up in US dollars at 29%, and in Euro decreased by 19%.