The expert explained how and why social networks are watching us

Any action of the user on the Internet can be described by algorithms under the settings of targeted advertising. How this exactly works, told radio Sputnik specializes in promoting social media Evgeniya Kulish.

Have you ever thought that you just had to discuss a thing, as it is immediately appears on all resources? Or sending a friend a picture of the red dress, you immediately ran into a is it in Instagram?

You do not seem. Advertising in social networks works that way, although none of this is not speak openly, says the founder of the Moscow community of bloggers, specializes in promoting social media Evgeniya Kulish.

She noted that these are not themselves bloggers or the owners of the advertised store is a General algorithm. Anyone who wants to promote their advertising, however, can exhibit sufficiently detailed settings determining exactly who it will see. Opportunities depend primarily on the budget.

"There is a fairly detailed configuration of targeted advertising. For advertising in Instagram exhibited certain settings via Facebook, they are ranked depending on the budget: the more money you pour into advertising, the more accurate settings can be set. You can even set settings so that, for example, the ad guys who are in a relationship, but at the moment are at a distance from the girlfriend. For flower salon is absolutely amazing setup when you say: "Darling far? Send her a bouquet." Or the other option. In prescribe that it is necessary to show girls who are interested in cosmetics. And if a woman sticks to stories about cosmetics, this is targetrule at her. Every action of yours in any social network and everywhere on the Internet, anyway, is described by the algorithms for a particular setting in targeting," explained Evgeny Kulish.

According to her, this is a universal algorithm for advertising in all social networks and all platforms.

"According to this principle is working everywhere. There are a huge number of all sorts of stories about how the claim that "Alice", Siri and other listen to what users say. I had a case when I discussed with my husband on the WhatsApp that you need to buy selfie stick for GoPro, never before been searched for and watched. And even then I in Yandex Director began to climb from all cracks the is accessories for GoPro" – shared with radio Sputnik Evgeny Kulish.