The doctor said the danger of a new wave COVID-19 along with seasonal SARS

A new wave of infection with coronavirus is expected in November and December, you need to seriously prepare for it, because it can be complicated by seasonal SARS outbreak like COVID-19 symptoms, said in an interview with RIA Novosti former head of the world Union of doctors, WMA, Professor Leonid Eidelman.

According to the Professor, that by November, when the predicted wave of the epidemic will overlap the seasonal outbreak of SARS, should be fully mobilized health care system. The autumn wave of disease, by all accounts, will be more significant than the growth of infections associated with the abolition of quarantine restrictions, he said.

Currently, according to Adelman, there has been a spread of the second wave of coronavirus worldwide, predicted this spring.

"By far the number of infected is growing in the world. There are countries in which this growth is small, as in Italy, as in Germany. There are countries where growth is very significant, for example in India. A few foci of infection recently emerged again in China. So all in all we know, the number of detected patients exceeded 11 million worldwide, and if we would not extrapolate the data, which were obtained in some studies, including in new York (USA), and in other countries, the number actually infected exceeds the number of detected", - said Adelman.

In Israel in early July, the number of new cases COVID-19, recorded on a daily basis, exceeded the performance of March-April. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that the authorities were forced to return to restrictive measures because of the new outbreak. According to Professor Adelman, is the most correct tactic should be a regional quarantines imposed for a short time, the full closure of the economy is threatened by the deteriorating situation, including in the public health system.

"In my opinion, it is wrong now to impose restrictions across the country, because it can lead to a worsening of the economic crisis. In fact, the right tactic is a regional quarantines in places where there are a lot of cases ... a few hundred places where there are other foci of infection. You need to enter the quarantines in those areas, not across the country," said Adelman.

As previously stated the Professor, the emergence of safe and effective vaccines in mass quantities should not be expected before the second quarter of 2021, so the "need to get used to new conditions and to live with this virus."

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