Kazakhstan introduces additional restrictive measures due to coronavirus

Additional restrictive measures 00.00 5 July (4 July 21.00 GMT) come into force in Kazakhstan for 14 days because of the coronavirus, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

State Commission made the decision on introduction in Kazakhstan of additional restrictive measures from July 5 to 14 days on the background of the tense situation with coronavirus. In particular, the country introduced a ban on conducting of entertainment, sporting and other mass events will not work with beauty salons, fitness centers, cultural facilities, public transit will be limited, but air travel between regions will continue.

In the Republic, confirmed by more than 45.7 thousand cases of coronavirus, more than 15.4 thousand patients recovered was 188 deaths. In mid-March, Kazakhstan has introduced a strict quarantine, movement between cities and regions was forbidden - but at the end of April, he was commuted. This time the authorities did not set up checkpoints and banned movement between cities and regions by car, but imposed a number of restrictions due to the rising cases of infection with coronavirus infection.

Residents of Nur-Sultan at the time of the restrictive measures is prohibited to carry out any activities with a mass congestion of people, sports training is allowed only on an individual basis outdoors, people over 65 years should limit their movement around the city. To wear masks in the capital required, walking allowed only in the company of three people, observing the social distance of at least two metres between people.

Supermarkets are allowed to work till 18: 00 (15.00 GMT), and food stores located in residential buildings to 20.00 (17.00 GMT). Work schedule business centers, banks, exchange offices and pawnshops reduced by a period of quarantine to 17.00 (14.00 GMT). Cafes and restaurants will be able to work outdoors only, the number of seats should be no more than 30.

The performance of urban public transport in the capital will be suspended, and passenger bus transportation between the regions. Work shopping centers, beauty salons, fitness centers, swimming pools and religious sites is prohibited.

Similar limitations of power imposed in other cities of the Republic, in the largest metropolis of Kazakhstan, Alma-ATA additionally, a ban on the excursion and group outings, with the exception of individual, no more than 3 people or members of the same family. It was also decided that urban public transport, including metro and commuter bus routes will continue to work in Alma-ATA with occupancy of no more than 50%.

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