The foreign Ministry accused the US of lowering the threshold of use of nuclear weapons

The U.S. position with respect to a possible lowering the threshold of use of nuclear weapons increases the risk of a nuclear conflict, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In late June the state Department released a report on countries ' compliance with agreements in the field of arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament. In the Russian Ministry drew attention that in the report the state Department found that section on the issue of nonstrategic nuclear weapons (NSNW) with references to "presidential initiatives" 1991-92 is "voluntary", that is completely optional addition to the document.

Referred to in the report "presidential initiatives" are announced in September 1991, George H. W. Bush's unilateral commitments to reduce Arsenal of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons of the United States. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in October of the same year stated on the response steps in the field of Soviet nuclear weapons. Russian President Boris Yeltsin reaffirmed Gorbachev announced commitments.

The Russian foreign Ministry writes that "the puzzling inconsistency of the authors, not a word mentioned about how the USA handled the "initiatives" announced by President George.H. W. Bush".

"So, for unexplained reasons, out remained a vigorous programme of modernisation and expansion of non-strategic US nuclear Arsenal, as well as the blurring of boundaries separating such systems and strategic weapons," reminded the Russian foreign Ministry.

As stressed in the Russian foreign Ministry, "all this is accompanied by a consistent revision of the American doctrinal attitudes in the direction of increasing the role of nuclear weapons in a different kind of "escalation" scenarios and empowerment of its combat use, which leads to a lowering of the "nuclear threshold" and increases the risk of a nuclear conflict."