Russia fulfills all the provisions of the Treaty on nuclear tests, said the foreign Ministry

Russia strictly observes the moratorium on nuclear testing and complies with all provisions of the Treaty on the comprehensive nuclear test ban (CTBT), said the Russian foreign Ministry.

"Officially confirm that Russia continues to adhere strictly to the announced moratorium on nuclear testing, and to perform the provisions of the CTBT in terms of test ban - despite the fact that the Treaty has not entered into force," - said the Minister.

"Unlike the US, we ratified 20 years ago and successfully implemented. We proceed on the assumption that any differences in the criteria for compliance with the relevant obligations can and should be settled within the framework of the CTBT after its entry into force," - said the Russian foreign Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry added that until the U.S. has not ratified the Treaty, to discuss with representatives of that country's compliance obligations in the area of nuclear test ban counterproductive.

The agreement on a comprehensive test ban Treaty (CTBT) was signed in 1996, however, a number of countries, including the US and China still have not ratified it, unlike Russia, which did it in 2000. The countries possessing nuclear weapons have taken on voluntary commitments not to conduct such tests. USA adhere to their own standard of "zero power", which is not internationally recognised, but on which they evaluate the policies of other countries.