Sredneuralskaya convent was opened for parishioners

Sredneuralskaya convent, founded by defrocked Abbot Sergius (Nicholas Romanov), again open to the pilgrims, said the representative of the cleric Vsevolod Moguchev.

"Sredneuralskaya convent in honor of the mother of God "sporitelnitsa bread" open to his visit to the Orthodox parishioners and pilgrims," wrote Moguchev on his page in "Vkontakte".

He also invited journalists on Sunday to take part in the tour of the monastery.

"I will try to answer any questions you might have and show you the monastery. A prerequisite to participate in the tour - do not pester members with provocative questions and to follow the recommendations of the representatives of the monastery", - said Moguchev.

As stated earlier, the Chairman of Department on interrelations of the Church with society and mass media of the Yekaterinburg diocese Archpriest Maxim changers, Sredneuralskaya convent back under control left the monastery of the abbess of the nuns of the barbarians. Sergei himself while in the walls Sredneuralskaya convent violates the order of the ruling Bishop not to leave without the written blessings of the territory of St. John the theologian monastery, in particular, was the reason and object of the proceedings and further his eruption from the priesthood.

The spiritual father and founder of Sredneuralskaya convent Abbot Sergius found himself in the spotlight after he began to speak in sermons that COVID-19 - a "pseudopodia" that Russians want to put in the "e-camp of Satan", "the wicked put on the self-isolation", deprived of "freedom and work". The diocese deprived him of his right to preach, but the cleric did not listen and continued in sermons to encourage the congregation to take to the streets and protest. Because of this, the ecclesiastical court stripped him of his dignity. Now this decision must be approved by the Patriarch. Abbess, Barbara the nun left the convent with the sisters due to the fact that it did not share the position of Sergius.