Butchers told how to identify a dangerous disease with the help of ice cream

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander mjasnikov has told on air of TV channel "Russia 1" as I could identify patient serious disease with ice cream.

One of the patients of the doctor, earlier survived heart surgery, complained of problems with it. This patient also suffered from diabetes and thyroid disease. The man complained that he could not swallow, especially cold food — for example, ice cream. According to Myasnikov, first he was suspected in a patient Oncology.

Anemia — deficiency of hemoglobin in red blood cells that carry oxygen. Often it is caused by deficiency of iron in the diet, but sometimes it indicates internal bleeding caused by bowel cancer, stomach or uterus.

Not to miss the signs of cancer, the butchers advised me to pay attention to the parameter MCV — average volume of red blood cells. The normal value for this parameter is 80 to 100. When reduced hemoglobin is considering three options: vitamin B12 deficiency, lack of folic acid or a reduced function of the thyroid gland. However, the patient Myasnikov MCV was moderately elevated.

Doctors conducted a series of surveys, in particular gastroscopy, colonoscopy, a CT and examination of internal organs, but could not find traces of cancer. The patient is only found an increased level of bilirubin and some enzymes.

According to him, an accurate diagnosis was set by a number of issues. So it became clear that the patient is very red in the cold.

"The impression that I'm an alcoholic, I'm sorry, I have red cheeks," said the man doctor.

In addition, the patient found Raynaud's phenomenon with cold cyanotic fingers. The man was prescribed the drug, a deactivation of the antibodies to erythrocytes, and advised less be out in the cold.