The head of the Union of women of Russia explained the complaint to Putin at the ice cream "rainbow"

The head of the Union of women of Russia, Senator Catherine Lakhova said that its not upsetting humorous comments that appeared online after her words about the relationship of ice cream "rainbow" with gay propaganda.

She noted that her position on this matter differs from the opinion of Network users.

"I was talking about hidden advertising, indirect, which are constantly being imposed quietly by the words "rainbow", "rainbow colors", — told the portal "Rise".

Lakhova said that she supports traditional values, not same-sex marriage and "pink" and "blue". According to the head of the Union of women of Russia, nobody violates the rights of sexual minorities.

"But we should not engage in agitation and propaganda," she said.

The Senator noticed that the lifestyle of the LGBT community can "lobby" and through the ice cream with the rainbow logo.

"I'm related to rainbow in the negative as to the swastika, which is banned. And many centuries ago this Nazi sign signified prosperity, fertility and so on," she explained.

Lakhova said on the eve of Russian President Vladimir Putin that ice cream "rainbow", and billboards with similar colors can indirectly affect children. In response, the head of state noted that the control over the gay propaganda is necessary to build non-aggressive.

As stressed by Vice-President of group of companies "Clean line" Armen Beniaminov, their products are irrelevant to the LGBT community, and the firm stands for traditional family relationships. According to him, rainbow is the sun after rain and a symbol of joy.