In Britain, refused the coconut products made with monkeys

Several supermarket chains in the UK have refused from the sale of coconut products produced by "slave labour monkeys," reports the Telegraph with reference to the Asian branch of the international Organization for the struggle for animal rights (PETA).

A number of major supermarket chains in the UK, including Waitrose, Ocado, Co-op and Boots, were removed from the shelves of its stores products for the production of which used captive in Thailand wild monkeys.

It is reported that the animal rights activists of PETA conducted an investigation and found that in Thailand winkworth wild monkeys are caught and on special farms are trained to collect coconuts trees. To make the monkey didn't run away, they are enchained to the old tires or are kept in small cages which hardly exceed the size of their body. Primates also pull teeth, so they don't bite.