Prom "Scarlet sails" has been watched more than 16 million people

The cumulative audience of the traditional broadcast outlet in Saint-Petersburg, "Scarlet sails", which took place on 27 June, has exceeded 16 million people, reported the press service of the Fifth channel by associating success with the new technical solutions, and with the increased interest of citizens for positive events.

For the first time the feast of "Scarlet sails" - a traditional prom in the Northern capital was organized for schoolchildren in St. Petersburg in 1968. This time spoke before the guests Dima Bilan, Vera Brezhneva, "Animals", RASA, IOWA and other performers. "Scarlet sails" was first shown on four Federal channels and social networks.

"Scarlet sails" on the television screens watched 9 888 250 people in the audience, "All 4 ". The total share of water-pyrotechnic show, which was broadcast on four Federal channels, including the Fifth in the audience, "All 4" all over Russia was 22.7%. With this in Saint-Petersburg the share of water-pyrotechnic show on all channels on audience "All 4" 53.9%", - told the press service.

Stream water-pyrotechnic show and the passage of the brig "Russia" under crimson sails in the Gulf, according to the broadcaster, provided the Fifth channel in the first place in the audience, "All 4" with a share of 29% in St. Petersburg. Footage of the event was also shown around the world: on the Euronews channel, was broadcast on Chinese television in the global network sharing Associated Press (APTN).

"The incredible beauty of the prom in groups, Fifth in social networks and on the official website of the channel attracted about 7 million views. In total, given the television audience of the festival "Scarlet sails-2020" was watched by 16 571 167 people. This is six million more than the previous year", - noted in press service.

Such high rates of audience of the channel communicates with the technical solution.

"The holiday was first shown several Federal channels. This, of course, given the growth of the audience. The fifth broadcast the entire event: the concert and shows in the area. Other channels - only the climax. For the holiday "Scarlet sails" the results of translation is very high," - said the press service, responding to a question RIA Novosti about the reasons for such a large interest of the audience.

High rates, according to the press service, gave stream "Scarlet sails" on the grounds of the Fifth on the Internet: official groups in social networks and the website of the channel.

"Of course, people missed the bright, positive events. We still consider that "Scarlet sails" is getting more popular. This celebration of the city event has grown to national and international. It is known and loved throughout the world. Last year the jury of the competition Best Event Awards, the World recognized the "Scarlet sails" the best show on the planet," - said the press service.