The foreign Ministry commented on reports about the release of radiation over Northern Europe

The assertion that testing Russia's advanced weapons "Poseidon" and "savages" could become the reason of increase in background radiation over Northern Europe, absolutely groundless, said RIA Novosti Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"Of course, I drew attention to these materials, but I want to say that this is not the first nor the last case. We will see in the future many more occasions when on the American side, followed by a stuffing information, and anonymous, and on behalf of the responsible persons. Stuffing about continuing our work in the field of development of perspective systems of nuclear deterrence," said Ryabkov, commenting on the materials of some Western media, which States that the level of radiation over Northern Europe may have increased because of test "of Poseidon" and "Petrel".

"Of course, I categorically reject this kind of linking as absolutely groundless. This is a piece of propaganda, part of the General American efforts to sow uncertainty, particularly among Europeans about what is happening," - said Ryabkov.

He stressed that Moscow has offered and will continue to offer the United States "to engage themes of our promising systems in the broader context of numerous factors that influence strategic stability, focusing on the perspective of the American system, which have an extremely destabilizing to the whole situation."

"Americans know our list, they know about our concerns. Unlike the U.S. we prefer to do it professionally and behind closed doors, and colleagues are leading the way, similar to what happened in recent days with the Afghan story. It is part of the General course and to the cause of arms control is irrelevant," concluded Ryabkov.

Earlier the IAEA said that a small increase in the concentration of radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere over Northern Europe poses no danger to human health and the environment. More than 40 countries, including Russia, have informed the IAEA that in their territory there were no events that could lead to an increased concentration of radioisotopes in the air.

At the end of last week, some media reported that in early June, the authorities of nuclear and radiation safety in Sweden, Norway and Finland recorded in the atmosphere over the territory of Northern Europe a slight increase in the concentrations of radioactive isotopes with so-called reactor origin. It was also reported that, according to calculations by the National institutes of health and the environment (RIVM) of the Netherlands, these isotopes allegedly received from Russia and that the cause of the incident may be the depressurization of the fuel element in a reactor of any nuclear power plant.

As stated later, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, no alerts about threats or emergencies that could cause an increase in radiation levels in Russia, there was no system of monitoring radiation safety in Russia is perfect.