In Omsk the car flew into the tent with fruit, there are victims

Car in Omsk flew into the fruit, leaving from collision with another vehicle does not give way, eight people were injured, have informed in UMVD across the Omsk region.

The message about the accident came to the traffic police across the Omsk on Saturday 4 July at about 7.20 GMT. 36-year-old driver behind the wheel of a Mercedes was driving down the street 24-I Northern in Omsk in the street Chelyuskintsev.

"Leaving from minor road Nissan Patrol under the control of the 63-year-old resident of Omsk has not provided the Mercedes advantage in movement, resulting in around a stop of public transport "street 16th Amur" the driver of the Mercedes, leaving from collision, lost control and made arrival on trading pavilion", - reported in UMVD across the Omsk region.

According to police, eight people were injured. UMVD across the Omsk region has published the recording from the DVR to the Mercedes, which is seen as a driver for high speed driving on the street and trying to leave from collision, crashes off the road on the sidewalk near the shopping complex "North" on the street 24-I Northern, 169 and crashes into kiosk with fruits and vegetables.