Team of the WMD was the best at the all-Russian stage of competition "Warrior world"

The command of the Western military district (ZVO) took first place in the all-army phase of the competition Voyenno-professional skill "Warrior of peace" held within the international Army games-2020.

The award ceremony was held in the District house of officers of Yekaterinburg, it was attended by the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Colonel-General Andrey Kartapolov.

"I am pleased to note that all participants for five eventful and intense days of competition, determined and uncompromising struggle to be the best and proudly cited by military professionals and masters of high class. When that was demonstrated team spirit, perseverance and the will to win, comradely mutual assistance, endurance, persistence and personal courage, that is, those qualities that should be the moral Foundation of each soldier and the military collective" - said Colonel-General, at the opening ceremony.

The second place winner took command of the airborne troops, the third place - the command of the Central military district.

The victory in the individual event total for all categories was won by the representative of the WMD Nikolai Nikitin and a representative of the airborne troops Catherine Dilido. The awards were handed by the commander of the Central military district Alexander Lapin.

The competition was held from 29 June to 4 July in Yekaterinburg. During the five competition days, the military took part in the intellectual stage of "Erudite" is determined in the knowledge of military history, political and military geography and international humanitarian law. Within sports stage "Athlete" representatives of the 13 teams on the ground in the Sverdlovsk region competed in solo and comprehensive exercises for strength, speed and endurance.

Literary and creative dance step, "Gentleman (Lady)" was held on stage of the District house of officers. Contestants submitted creative 70 rooms in four categories: song, dance, playing musical instruments and declamation. At the stage of "Sniper," the judges assessed the level of fire training of the participants. Military personnel carried out the shooting of the provisions of the prone, kneeling and standing for time and accuracy. In the final phase of the "Professional" contestants demonstrated their skills, obtained during medical and General combat training.

The competition Voyenno-professional skill "Warrior of peace" was attended by 78 soldiers from the 13 teams in the Central, Western, Eastern and southern military districts, the Northern Fleet, Air and space forces, strategic Missile forces, airborne forces, the 12th head Department of the Military University of the defense Ministry and the Moscow higher military command school, the Ministry and the National guard.