The doctor told me, who in July should be a day sitting at home

The candidate of medical Sciences, the doctor Yevgeny Timakov explained in an interview with TV channel "Moscow 24" the danger of the changeable weather in July, noting that people with certain ailments should limit the access to the street.

Previously the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand said that in Moscow July can be the warmest and rainiest month.

"Persistent differences in pressure, heat, high humidity is dangerous for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and stroke", said Timakov.

According to the doctor, people with such abnormalities should go for a walk in the morning and evening, and ideally have home air conditioning. He reminded about the dangers of heat stroke in hot weather, recommending to always carry water and a handkerchief, if necessary, to cool the head.

"It's dangerous when a person sweats in the heat. The clothes get wet and the wind preceding the rain, you too can blow it out. It is necessary to dress for the weather. In the elderly can be blown back, which leads to inflammation of the kidneys," – said Timakov.