Prime Minister of Japan ordered to assist in evacuation due to heavy rains

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe early on Saturday morning in connection with the announcement in the South-West of the country particularly at risk because of Livni instructed the relevant ministries to provide the maximum assistance during the evacuation of people, said the Agency Kyodo.

In particular, he ordered to keep in close touch with the administration to provide timely information about rainfall, floods and evacuation, as well as to take measures for timely evacuation of people from areas where there is a risk of flooding, to do everything possible to save lives.

In the South-West of Japan, the evacuation is declared or recommended for the 145 thousand people (80 and 65 thousand respectively). There is information about the floods in Kumamoto Prefecture. Blocked traffic on several sections of highways.

In Kagoshima Prefecture and Kumamoto in some places, declared the fifth highest level of danger due to rain. This level means for the local population means the signal is "save lives!". Weather service warns the population that the showers can be a force which the inhabitants had never experienced.