Documents to the electoral Commission submitted 16 candidates on a post of the head of Kamchatka

Sixteen candidates for the post of Governor of the Kamchatka edge has filed documents to the regional election Commission, according to the regional electoral Commission.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 3 April accepted the resignation at own will the former Governor of Kamchatka Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin and appointed acting head of the region Vladimir Solodov, which in 2018 was the Chairman of the government of Yakutia. Earlier, the CEC of Russia reported to RIA Novosti that elections of the Governor of the region will be held in a single voting day on September 13. It was also reported that malts intends to go on elections as the independent candidate.

"The documents on the nomination to the post of Governor of the Kamchatka edge has filed 16 candidates... we Remind you that the submission period of documents for the post of Governor of Kamchatka region ends July 4, 2020", - stated in the message.

Among the candidates for the post of head of edge, representatives of 10 political parties and six independent candidates. Until July 29, they will have to pass the municipal filter to collect in his support from 58 to 60 signatures of municipal deputies. Now in the region of 580 deputies rural, regional and urban levels, 116 of whom are independents.