Media: the White house intends to hold talks with Pentagon officials about a career

The administration of U.S. President plans to hold talks with the designated officials of the Pentagon and to discuss with them their career and interests after 2021, during a possible second term of Donald trump, writes the magazine Foreign Policy, citing current and former American officials.

According to the publication, on Wednesday from the office of White house staff in the U.S. Department of defense sent a letter with a proposal to set up a meeting with representatives of management of shots of presidential administration. Sources said that the letter described the meeting as a platform to showcase staff non-staff composition of their qualifications for positions in a possible second term of the presidency of the trump.

The letter stated that such meetings will be attended by all appointed officials of the Pentagon - and those who were appointed by the President or the Senate and their staff, writes the magazine.

"This is an opportunity for each received appointment to discuss career and interests for 2021 and beyond", the letter reads, a quote from which leads a magazine.

The source in the Ministry told the newspaper that senior officials in the Pentagon, including the head of Department, mark Esper, do not intend to participate in such meetings, considering them optional.

Current, former officials in conversation with the magazine expressed concern with this idea. According to them, these interviews can then be used to expel those officials who are not sufficiently loyal to the Trump.

According to the publication, in the coming weeks such as "the interview" will play with the designated officials from the US state Department and the Department of homeland security.