Kozak: Kiev called the timing of the draft amendments on decentralization

The Ukrainian delegation at the negotiations of pritsvetnikov countries of the Normandy Quartet in Berlin did not clarify when the project will be ready amendments to the Constitution on decentralization, Moscow needs to do this in the near future, said the Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak.

In Friday's edition of Spiegel, citing an informal working paper of the Russian delegation said that Moscow demands from Kiev until July 6 to submit the draft amendments to the Ukrainian Constitution in Minsk contact group and to intensify efforts to implement the "formula Steinmeier".

"Not by 6 July, and in the near future. Thus, today failed to obtain from Ukraine a clear, coherent answer when will be prepared this document, amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization, I have heard such suggestions, you've heard about it, a Deputy Prime Minister, the first Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in the contact group, that Donbass is no special status is not needed, they should use the results of the decentralization, which is held in Ukraine", - said Kozak to journalists following the talks.

He added that "this decentralization has never seen - neither Ukrainian citizens nor residents of Donbass". "And what are you talking about, we don't understand, nobody understands," said Kozak.

On the question of what Russia will do if Ukraine will continue to delay the settlement process, Kozak said that Moscow would "strongly committed to stimulate to a broad political solution for a peaceful settlement were accepted."

"This is a key task, without which all other issues in the humanitarian sphere, in the sphere of security are ineffective. When the parties have agreed in principle how they will live together on a path will move to this life together, then there is no incentive for the shootout," he said.

According to him, "it's kind of like some time ago the Ukraine understood, but then we stopped."

Answering the question about the attitude of Germany and France to the Ukrainian delegation, Kozak said that "they try to show objectivity". "That is very correct that we are trying to do," he added.