The shower does not interfere with the operation of life support systems in Moscow

All life support systems of Moscow work in a regular mode, despite a heavy downpour, which hit the capital, said Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov.

"No violations of the life support systems is not allowed, they all work in a regular mode", - said Biryukov told reporters.

According to him, on Friday from 15.00 meteorologist and urban services conducted a alert residents of impending bad weather – heavy rain and wind with gusts up to 20 meters per second. Information was disseminated through mass media and was broadcast on street screens.

The head of the urban center said that rain front in Moscow is preserved, up to 3.00 Saturday is expected loss in some areas even up to 20 millimeters of precipitation.

The Deputy mayor urged Muscovites not to go out unnecessarily, and if you have to do it, be carefully, strictly observe the rules of personal safety, not to shelter under trees and not to Park near to them cars.