The Taliban are willing to compromise with Kabul, said the US special envoy

The US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad said that he had held talks in Doha with the Qatari authorities and the delegation of the radial movement of the Taliban and discussed the issues of Afghan settlement.

"Together with the head of international financial Corporation in the United States Adam Bailer we held meetings in Doha with (representatives) of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Qatar and the Qatar Foundation, discussed the possibility of joint investments in the Afghan process for peace and prosperity in the region," Khalilzad wrote on Twitter, noting that he had met with understanding on this issue and feels real such investments.

According to the special representative, he then had a meeting with a delegation of Taliban, led by Mullah Baradaram, during which he emphasized "opportunities for economic development that will follow after the onset of a lasting peace" in Afghanistan.

"We agreed that the implementation of development plans to support the world cannot begin too soon, admitting that both sides can overcome the last obstacles to inter-Afghan talks," wrote the special envoy.

The Taliban recognizes that all Afghans will have to compromise for the sake of investment in the future of Afghanistan," said Khalilzad.