ROC commented on the vote on the amendments to the Constitution

Legitimacy and ideological component are the major differences in the new Constitution after the amendments, with almost 80% supporting innovation is a traditional part of the society, said the first Deputy head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and media, Deputy head of the world Russian people's Council Alexander Shchipkov.

Voting on amendments to the basic law was held from 25 June to 1 July. After processing 100% of protocols, the total turnout of voters amounted to 67,97%. For acceptance of amendments have voted 77,92% (almost 58 million Russians), against of 21.27% (about 16 million).

"I misspoke - I do think it is a new Constitution and not just amendments to the old one. One of the main differences from the previous it is legitimacy. The legitimacy of the 1993 Constitution was controversial because it was adopted after the civil conflict that accompanied the death of innocent citizens. All these almost 30 years that its legitimacy questioned. Bad to live, if people live, silent, but feels that the Constitution is not entirely legitimate. Such a feeling is impossible to live," said Tweaks to RIA Novosti.

According to him, one of the most important achievements of the current Constitution is that it "absolutely legitimate."

"That's why, in my opinion, the President insisted that the present Constitution has gone through a popular vote. Although under existing legislation it was not a necessity - you can do the work of the legislative authorities. Thereby we are not saying aloud, still recognized the questionable legitimacy of the previous document. From a historical and legal point of view, it was necessary to do so", - said the expert, who is also the adviser of the speaker of the state Duma.

Another important difference between the new version of the Basic law, he called it "ideological component" which, "finally, is formed quite clearly". According to Shipkova, we are talking about the Trinity: God – marriage - family.

"In my opinion, is the most important design, which can lean any citizen in their life. The Constitution is not just a document, this Declaration of intentions of the people. We are adopting this Constitution and demonstrating to the world and ourselves how we are going to live. What is the philosophical basis on which we rely in building our lives - and everyday, and the legislative, and so on," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Also, according to him, it is not surprising the fact that the amendment was supported by nearly 80% voted for sociologists and experts in these numbers was expected.

"The fact that this percentage - 80 20 - can be traced in many different areas. We have 80% of the population in the country, as polls show, religious, adhere to different faiths. Also polls show that 80% of the population adhere to traditional moral guidelines in their lives, support the traditional family, 20% - say gently, do not adhere to and do not support", - explained Tweaks.

A sociological study conducted in the field of media research group "Zircon", said the expert, also gave similar results: 80% of respondents were against the showing of violence, silly Comedy programs, "nudity" and things like that.

Moreover, said the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, more than 80% of the population (86%) in 2014 supported the return of the Crimea to Russia.

"That is, 80% is a traditional part of society. And a smaller portion, about 20% are those who for one reason or another do not agree with this. For me, this figure was expected, and she's happy. Because once again these figures show that a large part of society moral health", - concluded the Agency interlocutor.