Color of ice cream "rainbow" has nothing to do with LGBT, said the manufacturer

Color of ice cream "rainbow" has nothing to do with the propaganda of untraditional values, said to RIA Novosti Vice-President of group of companies "Clean line" Armen Beniaminov.

The head of the Union of women of Russia Ekaterina Lakhova earlier on Friday complained to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the indirect influence of ice cream "rainbow" and multi-colored billboards on the children in terms of propaganda of non-traditional values.

"Our company stands for traditional family relationships and strongly disagree with the opinion of Mrs. Lakhov. We believe that a rainbow is the sun after the rain, not the flag of the LGBT community," said Beniaminov. "Clean line" produces ice cream under this brand.

The interlocutor of Agency has specified that ice cream four colors of the rainbow. "We are law-abiding company. If you will be issued the corresponding act of the Executive or legislative authority of the country of course, we comply. But today, we are the owners of the brand with a beautiful label with our ice cream with the word "rainbow". Of course, we will continue to produce, because we believe that it is a symbol of joy," he added.

"I personally as a father of a large family openly voted for an amendment to the Constitution, precisely because there are other amendments and this article - the protection of traditional values," said Beniaminov.

"And Mrs. Lakhov may suggest that in our Soviet childhood there were many football fields, many skating rinks, many sports clubs that helped us to grow normal child who played, fought, won, and never thought about any of the LGBT communities. I think, in this vein, we need to think", - concluded the Vice-President of the group.