In Poltava in the office of the party "the Opposition platform" threw a grenade

Unidentified masked threw a grenade into the window of the office of the party "Opposition platform For life" in Poltava, said on Friday the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of political forces Ilya Kiva.

"Just in the party's office "an Opposition platform For life" a grenade was thrown. The Secretary of the office miraculously survived. Ran the man in the mask, the office on the first floor and the open window threw a grenade. Even the police knows nothing about it. Now we're going to communicate," said Kiva, the TV channel NewsOne.

According to him, at the moment of explosion, the Secretary was in another office and only this, was not injured.

"In our country there are terrorists who call themselves the "National body" (organization created on the basis of natsbatalona "Azov", against whom in Russia opened a criminal case – ed.), "National squads" that kill people who are a threat to society, which straightened and executions of Ukrainians in the streets," he added.

Kharkiv publishing "057.ua" on June 26, reported that party members "national body", "Right sector" and representatives of radical right-wing organization "Ruthless" held a rally near the office of "the Opposition platform For life" in Kharkov. They pasted stickers of the building with the inscription: "Ukraine or death" and burned the flag of Russia. On Monday, was attacked by foster the political forces in Kramatorsk, and on Tuesday in Kiev.*Banned in Russia as extremist organization