Published captured before death video blogers Tropical

Mother blogers Anastasia zubrin; also known as Nasty Tropical, published in the instagram video, shot two hours before the girl died on the island of Bali.

As stated in the post, this is the last video that zubrin; he recorded before his death.

The footage shows a girl with a young man riding on a motorcycle.

"Nastya as a passenger, everything seems to be fine, she smiles in this video," wrote the mother of the deceased, adding that "nothing foretold troubles".

The woman said that on that day got up earlier than usual and wanted to call my daughter to support after a quarrel with his father, but decided to do it later. In a few hours she reported the death by zubrin;.

"Still thinking, what if I called and none of this would have happened," she said.

On the death of Tropical it became known on June 21. As he wrote in social networks, the girl was riding on a sports motorcycle and crashed into a curb. She died at the scene from the resulting traumatic brain injury.