Arrived from Sweden tourist with coronavirus day walking through Athens

After the resumption from 1 July Charter flights to Greece arrived the tourists were made 3611 tests for coronavirus and 11 of air travelers revealed Covid-19, with one infected tourist from Sweden, the day was walking through Athens, according to Greek public television ERT.

Seven more cases of the coronavirus was diagnosed in the campers.

"The passengers of July 1, there were five confirmed cases of coronavirus. It is about three women from Sweden, Serbia, Romania and a couple of Greeks. A woman from Sweden had violated the 24-hour quarantine and was discovered strolling through Athens", - informs television channel.

Now there is contact tracing for all confirmed cases and their transfer to quarantine the hotels and rooms.

In addition, in the last days seven imported cases of the coronavirus were not associated with air passengers, and travellers that are on the car came to Greece through checkpoints on the Northern border, according to ERT.

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