Greece and Cyprus announced the creation of a "diplomatic front" against Turkey

Foreign Minister of Greece Nikos Dendias after talks in Athens with his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Christodoulidis said that the sides discussed "provocative behavior" of Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean and created the "diplomatic front" to counter Ankara.

"We discussed the latest developments in the region in the context of our always closely coordinated. We were particularly concerned about the continuing violations of the rights of Turkey that have spread from Iraq to Libya, destabilizing our entire region. It is also important that we stated that were created formed the diplomatic front, based on international law," said Dendias.

According to him, the answer is Cyprus and Greece "firmly committed to international law and the decisions of the Security Council of the UN." "Greece and Cyprus ... repeatedly raised this issue in the European family. The European family has repeatedly condemned Turkey's conduct, has imposed sanctions and has called on Turkey to respect international law. Turkey remains deaf and continues to challenge. She announced further research (hydrocarbon - ed.) which, if held, will open a Pandora's box in our area," said the Greek Minister.

According to him, following the Council of Ministers for foreign Affairs of the EU will examine in detail the question of the behavior of Turkey.

Also at the meeting discussed "the Cyprus problem", which, according to Greek Minister, "was always one of the top national issue of Greece." "Our goal is to resume negotiations on the basis of the relevant decisions of the UN Security Council and European legislation, with the abolition of guarantees and rights of intervention and, of course, with the withdrawal of the occupation forces," said Dendias.

For its part, the foreign Minister of Cyprus Hristodulidis said that the meeting was held in connection with the alarming events in the Eastern Mediterranean region, "called revisionist behavior of Turkey and, of course, a discussion that will take place on July 13 in Council of Ministers of foreign Affairs of the EU on the whole range of European-Turkish relations."

"Greece and Cyprus have long been pointing to the international community on the illegal actions of Turkey in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus that leniency to Turkey will lead to an unprecedented escalation of her behavior, and that's exactly what we are experiencing today. Cyprus, Greece, Syria, Libya, Iraq, and beyond," - said Hristodulidis.

In recent months, increasing tension in Greek-Turkish relations. In the Turkish government Gazette was published on the provision of Turkish petroleum Corporation (TPAO) license to conduct research in areas that, according to the foreign Ministry of Greece, located on the continental shelf of Greece. Greece believes that Turkey is trying to assign a part of the Greek exclusive economic zone (EEZ). Adviser to the Prime Minister of Greece's national security, then Minister of national defense of Greece Nikos Panayotopoulos declared its readiness, if necessary, to give a military response by Turkey.

Turkey also intends to pursue drilling in the region, which considers Cyprus its EEZ.