The head of the national Bank of Ukraine told about the pressure by proplachennyh rallies

The head of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) Yakov Smoliy said Friday that the pressure on him was carried out during the year by conducting proplachennyh rallies from the Central Bank and the authorities in the meetings were required "to pour money into the economy".

Smoliy on Wednesday wrote a letter of resignation, explaining that "systematic political pressure" on the Bank, and gave it to the President. The members of the Board of the national Bank of Ukraine has stated that it will continue to work to preserve macro-financial stability and institutional capacity of the Agency. In the office of the President of Ukraine said that the discussions on the activities of the national Bank shall be based exclusively on the principles of professionalism and should be devoid of political overtones. President Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday submitted to the Parliament a decree on the resignation of the head of the national Bank. He later announced that he would defend the independence of the national Bank, regardless of who will lead it.

"I in his letter said that in the past year, near National Bank (held – ed.) paid meetings, which were sitting here in the hall of deputies, the month block of my home, a month block of my deputies is an annual system pressure," Smoliy said, speaking from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during consideration of issue of his resignation.

He added that at meetings with members of Parliament, members of Cabinet and the President in the direction of the Central Bank has repeatedly sounded calls for "pour money into the economy" to abolish the basic principles of regulation of the banking system.

"In the past year at meetings, with the participation of deputies, representatives of Cabinet of Ministers, the Premier-Minister, the President not once in the side of the National Bank, there were calls to pour money into the economy, noted the basic principles of regulation of the banking system, and set a course (currency – ed.) to the exporters was better to bring inflation 11% and 30 rate (hryvnia to the dollar – ed.)", - said resin, noting that this was the reason for his resignation.

Resin holds the position of head of the national Bank of Ukraine from March 15, 2018. Under Ukrainian law, Parliament appoints and dismisses the head of the national Bank on the proposal of the President.