The special forces of the Fuhrer. To blame the elite troops of Germany

Roman salute, posters of the Third Reich, honoring Adolf Hitler 75 years later after the defeat of Nazi Germany in the Bundeswehr inflames right-wing scandal. The Minister of defence has accused the staff of one of the parts of the special forces of the extreme right wing sentiment. According to her, the elite division had a negative impact on the mind and morality of individual soldiers. This in German Armed forces has happened before. About Nazism in modern German army — in the material RIA Novosti.

A few years ago in the Bundeswehr established a special working group to check the morale of troops and detect all possible irregularities. The result stunned the command. It turned out that in some parts of the thriving rabid Nazism. In the end, the defense Minister Annegret Kramp-of Karrenbauer officially announced the dissolution of the second company of special forces (KSK) is an elite unit that participated in combat operations overseas since 1998.

"Analysis of current events and right-wing extremist cases clearly showed that the KSK, at least partially, in recent years has become excessive independence, which was the result of an unhealthy understanding of elitism individual managers — said crump, Karrenbauer. — Formed atmosphere "toxic leadership" had extremist tendencies... That in no way conforms to the rules of the Bundeswehr. The second company squad disbanded".

This company, according to the Minister, particularly distinguished in 2017. the Twentieth of April military units noisy — with alcohol and drunken songs celebrated the birthday of his idol, Adolf Hitler. The scandal was hushed up, although officers and received a penalty. A second company of "picked up a pencil".

However, this "prank" pales beside the results of searches in the barracks KSK. The inspectors found that the commandos, why it keep an impressive stockpile of explosives, ammunition and anti-constitutional materials. And arsenals division disappeared 37 thousand units of ammunition. They are not found so far.

The working group of the Bundeswehr will continue to eradicate the extreme right-wing sentiment in KSK. According to the Minister, "the inspectors are given complete freedom of action." Among the proposed measures for the deliverance of the cult of exclusivity — rotation of leadership between the different units of the group. In addition, the training of personnel-army KSK will do.

"International operations comes to an end, — concluded the Minister. — Tasks of the KSK possibly take on other units. I want to emphasize that this is not a punishment KSK, is a chance for correction. Soon to be the anniversary to which the unit can improve. You need to ensure compliance with the Constitution".

This problem for many decades, and it will only get worse. In last year's report of the Commissioner of the Bundestag on military cases Hans-Peter Bartels provides the following data: in 2018, revealed a 170 manifestations of extremism in the army, in 2017 — 167, in 2016 — 63. In the document there are specific examples.

"One Lieutenant-corporal spoke at the exercises in front of the whole course and the teacher that he doesn't like black people and not talking to them — said Bartels. — The question, in any other country outside the borders of Germany he wished to live, he said: in Argentina, because there are still Nazis".

A group of officers of the Bundeswehr was created in the instant messenger chat, which has published quotes of Adolf Hitler, laughed at "racial inferior" co-workers and joked about the Holocaust. In army barracks regularly find propaganda posters of the Third Reich, swastikas and soldiers when it does not see the officers greet each other with "Roman salute".

"To siganut" comrade is the German soldiers something like duty jokes, explains RIA Novosti Anton Malakhov, who emigrated from Russia and served in one of the infantry units of the Bundeswehr. — In front of the commanders, of course, do not. But in the evening in the barracks, the Germans allow themselves a lot: listening to right-wing musical groups, mock co-workers of non-German origin, read Nazi literature. No, of course not all. But in my company there were at least four".

In 2017, the then Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen announced plans to strengthen the political training of soldiers of the Bundeswehr amid reports about neo-Nazi sentiment in this environment. Announced about toughening of the filtration system when applying for service in the army with a detailed background checks on recruits. The German government tries to limit the ultra-right extremists access into the Armed forces. However, the reverse characteristic of the whole society trend difficult.

According to many experts, the "Nazification" of the German army tied for first place with a very liberal immigration policy. The influx of refugees from Africa and the Middle East forced the German society to strongly popraviti, xenophobic attitudes on the basis of dissatisfaction with the "guests" have increased dramatically. Like mushrooms after a rain to breed the ultra-right groups. In the army, the neo-Nazis consider as an opportunity to find new like-minded people to learn how to use a weapon and undergo physical training. All that they need for further action on the citizen.

It is fraught with sad consequences. So, in November of 2018, the police uncovered the conspiracy of the military, who wanted to kill some politicians, particularly the leader of the faction "Left" in the Bundestag, Dietmar Bartsch. The conspirators already stocked with weapons, ammunition and fuel. A year earlier, Germany arrested an officer of the Bundeswehr, who was preparing to commit a major terrorist attack under the guise of Syrian refugees to blame for the deaths of civilians laid on the migrants. In his locker in the barracks, investigators found Nazi symbols.