A new attack on the United States. Infection rates are accelerating and threaten disaster

The beginning of July in the United States was marked by a record daily increase of cases of coronavirus — 50 thousand cases. Chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauci, warned that if the authorities do not take control of the situation, this indicator can reach 100 thousand. The abolition of restrictions in many States suspended. However, the weekend in honor of independence Day threatens to turn into the perfect storm and no amount of precautions will help.

"We all did. The staff were in masks, standing around sanitizer once a week tests were passed," despite assurances Mattie Bullitt, Bullitt Bar, it was closed again.

The same fate befell many — from July 28 in the state of Florida not work of the institution, where more than half of its revenues from trade in alcohol. And in Miami imposed a fine of five hundred dollars for appearing in public without masks and city authorities do not exclude possibility of return regime "sit at home".

Relief parties and trips to beaches backfired record incidence: 9.5 thousand per day. Particularly affected the South and West where they overturned the quarantine. Only in Florida at the moment 159 thousand cases of infection.

Governor Ron DeSantis blame the young people who rushed into places of entertainment. The majority of new infections — from 18 to 44 years. "It is impossible to control them, they're young. They will do what they want", — said the Governor. Data from mobile phones residents of the state confirmed: people do not sit at home.

And now Florida will lose the fun on independence Day, July 4. The authorities do not want to repeat the mistakes of memorial Day, may 31, when all went to the beaches and parties.

Bars, which became, apparently, the main source of infection, closed and in Los Angeles, as well as in seven counties in California. Local media reported that some hospitals are already overcrowded.

And if in may in the state revealed 61.5 per thousands of infections in June — more than 114 thousand. The volume of testing is not specified. The overall rate of California — 239 thousand cases, more than six thousand victims.

"We have restaurants recently allowed to serve on the streets, masks are optional and many walk or sit without them, but soon that may change. A couple of days ago some of the bars have closed, as a growing number of cases," — told RIA Novosti Yuri Panchul living in one of the cities in Silicon valley Sunnyvale.

"In San Francisco in the Park drew circles that people kept from each other at a distance. In Marin County require you to wear a mask. Otherwise fine, but watching this non-strict", — said the source, adding that the company where he works, employees remain on remote and it is unlikely to change until the New year.

Gone back on their word and the authorities of Texas. "I think we opened too fast before, said Vincent Gonzales, Congressman from state to state. In my County, the valley of the Rio Grande, the increase in cases over the month — more than 700 percent."

In the state close to bars, restaurants occupancy of a maximum of 50 percent (previously allowed 75), water rides — tubing and rafting is banned. No gatherings of over 100 people. In Galena Park, a district near Houston, on Saturday, imposed a curfew, and the mayor expects that the hospitals here are overcrowded.

"In the situation is bad, ill take even a huge children's hospital. How many of the victims, is not mentioned anywhere," explains RIA Novosti resident of Houston Kathleen, who asked his surname not be mentioned. According to her, the problem coronavirus highly politicized, and she's not a supporter of the current President, so do not want unnecessary publicity. "The mood in society difficult. The situation is tense due to a virus and racial unrest, lawlessness of the police. People look at each other the wolf. Everyone is afraid, it is noticeable even through the mask," — says the interviewee.

Thus, according to her observations, the majority of people wearing masks. "Our wonderful President declared that "those who wear the mask — against me", it didn't help. It's amazing how many sheep are listening," says Caitlin.

"My husband saw people without masks in one of the restaurants a month ago, sat at the bar Packed as before — continues American. — Many have patience for different reasons, and they went out to malls, bars, at work — because we live from paycheck to paycheck."

According to the husband of Caitlin (a medical doctor), the incidence has accelerated even before the protests, but demonstrations have added fuel to the fire. "These days a lot of young brought to the hospital — those who protested, and their families, respectively, are tightened," adds Caitlin.

In the opened state of the Church. "Recently in Galveston, a town on the island, where the entire Houston goes to rest on the sea, the pastor and his seven employees were diagnosed with a coronavirus. It's about saying something. In General, the situation is not under control and is difficult to adjust the hands of our President," — concludes the expert.

Florida, Texas and California — the most problematic States. But the limitations of return in other regions. Even where the infection spreads not so actively: in Utah (22 thousand cases), Washington (34 thousand), Oregon (nine thousand).

A resident of Portland (or), Grant, Rodman told RIA Novosti that in the city nobody relaxes: "the Governor imposed a quarantine of three months ago. Most, and myself, seriously enough. Gradually, people let down their guard, here and there the people gathered, but at least all the masks."

According to Rodman, consciousness does not depend on age (he is 30). "I have friends-peers of the restaurant business. Pandemic got ' em, but behave cautiously. Limitations with bars and restaurants yet removed, however will certainly return," — says the source.

"The celebration of independence Day will be the perfect storm: people move, do not take precautionary measures, some institutions opened too early", — anxiously said at a press-conference of the American society of infectious diseases Joshua Barocas, infectious disease Boston medical center.

The American media are urged to be careful at the party and handing out tips on how to safely hold a barbecue party. There was one hope — on the consciousness.