In Sardinia the legendary bandit disappeared before the verdict of the Supreme court

The legendary Sardinian bandit Graziano Mezin named Gracianette disappeared from her home town of Orgosolo, a few hours before the verdict in his case the Supreme court of cassation of Italy.

Thursday around midnight, reporters learned that the Supreme court of Italy has rejected the petition of lawyers 78-year-old mezinov:. Thus handed down in 2018, the decision of the court of appeal of Cagliari, sentencing him to 30 years in prison for international drug trafficking, entered into force.

However, the verdict of the Supreme court has still not made public, and defenders of mezinov: claim that he had not received from Rome any official notification. Gracianette but he did not wait for the announcement of the final verdict on Thursday for the first time in the last month he did not come to report to the office of the carabinieri Orgosolo and disappeared.

"We have no information from the mezinov:. He had no phone" - said to journalists on Friday, his lawyer Maria Luisa Vernier.

Mezin was the tenth child of a poor shepherd from Orgosolo. In fourth grade, he beat up the teacher, was expelled from school and went undershepherds. Was first arrested at the age of 14 years for illegal possession of firearms, but fled. Just behind bars, he spent approximately 40 years. For the life of Gracianette made 22 escape from places of imprisonment, and ten successfully. It shoots in Sardinia surrounded by numerous legends. We know, for example that the prison Mezin often immediately rushed to his native Orgosolo, where the charismatic bandit was always waiting for women in love.

In addition, there is a theory that in the late 1960-ies of Gracianette semi-criminal at the head of the guerrilla groups were going to make anti-government rebellion in Sardinia, transforming it into "Island of Freedom" for the Cuban sample. Anyway, but Mezin has organized a number of attacks on police and military, the daring robbery and kidnapping rich people for ransom. In 1992, he acted as a mediator between the Italian authorities and criminals who abducted a seven-year Farooq Qassam, who was the son of the Manager of a prestigious hotel on the emerald coast of Sardinia. Many details of this story are still not known, but among them he claimed that the head boy then was paid 1 billion pounds.

In 1993, he was arrested again after discovering he has a whole Arsenal of weapons. For his numerous crimes Mezin was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment. However, in 2003, he filed a petition for clemency, which is half a year later was granted by the President of Italy Carlo Ciampi azelia. From prison he returned to Orgosolo, where he began to work as a tour guide, telling visitors about his legendary crimes and escapes. They even planned his participation in one of the most popular reality TV show, but the Sardinian militiamen established that Mezin organized an underground organization engaged in international drug trafficking. In June 2013, Gracianette, who claimed that he was innocent, was again remanded in custody.

In December 2016, the Cagliari court sentenced him to 30 years imprisonment, revoking previous decision on clemency. In 2018, the decision of the court of first instance confirmed the court of appeal. However, due to the peculiarities of the Italian justice in June 2019 Mezin was again released under house arrest expecting the final verdict of the Supreme court of Italy. The verdict was handed down on Thursday, but arrived to the house of the gunman, the police did not find him there. According to local media, law enforcement agencies of Sardinia are now pursuing large-scale operation on search of the criminal.